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  • Vinay Bagga

    Can u give bill of less price
    To avoid custom duty and taxes

  • Novelship Crew

    Hi Vinay,

    We will be declaring the product at the lower end of either the retail or offer/purchase price. Hence, if you added delivery protection, whatever amount declared will be the declaration for customs as well. I am afraid we are not able to declare the product at a lower price than that. For more details, you may check it here -->




  • Mr.DeKeR GetzMoore

    Hey how long does it usually take to deliver to Sydney ?

  • Fayesul Islam

    Hi I am looking for help. I purchased a pair of shoe for over 1k from novelship and I explicitly told them that if the goods are not in mint condition or there are any deviation from original packing I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW PRIOR TO SHIPPING. Novelship gave me guarantee that will not be the case. I received shoes with loose stitches and no extra laces now they won't give me a replacement or refund but offer me $10 discount. This is not fair trading what can I do


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