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  • Quincyteofisto

    My order didn't arrive after 10 days of waiting. Your team informed me via email that the seller’s product was not authentic hence I was given an option to pursue another seller or a refund option. I chose to refund instead. But after replying to the email thread, there’s no acknowledgment and it’s been 5 days since then. The payment gateway I used for the purchase is still deducting the installment amount. The payment company can’t do anything about it until the vendor- Novelship cancels the order. Please cancel my order. Contact me if you need any information. 

  • Cashforkush420

    Where is my shoe? No update at all. You guys said already found a new seller and just need to wait until shoe arrived for authentication. When check on confirmed purchase there is nothing. I need to know how long i need to wait? It’s been 2 weeks since i purchase the shoe.

  • Web User 72fda7b1956a6affece9c31a

    Same issue


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